Can We Work Together?

I Don’t Know What You Want

I Don't Know Your Dreams

But I Will Tell You What I Want

I Want You Focused 


I  Want You Confident

In Business Guessing Is Risky

You Need To Understand


What Your Next 

Most Important Task Is

To Reach Your Goals

My Only Mission 

Get You Where You Want To Go 

That Leaves One Question

 Can We Work Together?

That Depends...

How Determined Are You 

To Reach Your Goals?

Because I Pour Out Everything 

I Have Into Every Project 

I Only Accept Projects 

That Will Be Successful

So I Only Commit To Clients 

Who Are Also Committed To 

Their Goals 


That's The Catch

You Must Want It 

Almost As Much I Do

For Those Are The Only Clients

I Permit Myself To Serve 

Time Is Too Short 

For Anything Less 

Brian Bodnar 818.268.8700