2 Choices In Life Fit In Or Stand Out

You Can't Do Both

If You Choose

To Fit In 

You Will Disappear


Do You Stand Out?



A Strategic And Tactical Advantage 

That Special Something 

That Makes Your Business 

Stand Out From All The Rest


Competitive Advantage

Something That No Other Business Can 

Or Is Willing To Do

But It's Something You Must Do 

Because Today's Crowded Marketplace Demands It

You Can't Afford To Blend In


What’s Both Incredibility Sad  

And Extremely Perplexing 

Is Why So Many Businesses 

Adamantly Refuse To Stand Out

From Everyone Else In The Universe

If You Can't Quickly And Easily 

Explain How You're Different

You're Not

Standing Out Is Far More 

Than Some A Wild Or Crazy Stunt

Doing Things To Create Attention Has Its Place

A Much More Profound And Lasting Way To Stand Out 

Create Or Be Something 

That Causes People To Stand Up And Take Notice

Be Remarkable 

Do Or Be Something Special That Cannot Be Ignored

Something That Matters

To That Very Special Group 

To Those Individuals 

Who Choose To Do Business With You

 Demonstrate That You Care

Create A Product You Are Proud To Stand Behind 

Then If Things Go Wrong 

Refuse To Hide Behind Excuses 

Then Guess Who Will Never Forget You?