Bottom Line: Reality Is Your Friend

Never Ignore Your Friend

Few  entrepreneurs understand the nuances of how marketing works or why.  Frequently they either become paralyzed and don't know what to do next  or they get mesmerized by the shinny object syndrome. They think the  current “hot” marketing tactics such as SEO, video, Podcasting, or  pay-per-click advertising, etc may just be that magic bullet they've  been waiting for.

They  get caught up in the many tools and tactics but forget to figure out  what the big picture is and how important it for long term success.

Missing Big Picture

Strategy is the big picture planning that’s done prior to the tactics. 

If  you wanted to build a house, would you immediately digging holes and  start building walls or would you wait until a solid foundation was  built? Logic dictates first you hire an architect to develop a plan, to  get permits before you order the materials and start digging holes, and  only then would you hire carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. 

Too  often entrepreneurs fail to operate their with a clear strategic plan.  They string together a bunch of random tactics in the hope that what  they’re doing will lead to a cavalcade of customers. They throw up a  website, do some social media, runs some ads in the newspapers, or  magazines and then wait and wait and wait for the money to come rolling  in. Until eventually they come to the conclusion marketing is a waste of  money. 

A  common marketing method small companies follow is to imitate the  tactics they see other companies use, particularly large companies. But large  companies have a different agenda and a much larger budget.  They also  have different priorities than small companies. Large companies have a  board of directors, shareholders, and different levels of management,  all with various preconceptions to consider. Small companies – they just  want to make a profit. 

It’s  surprising how many intelligent business people that are experts in  their fields, assume they can pick up marketing by reading a book or  two. 

Marketing  is one of the most deceptive skill sets in existence. Shooting from the  hip with hunches and hope is not a wise way to go when there is so much  is riding on those decisions. 


Imagine having a strategy that eliminated the nightmare of playing guessing games.

One that was based upon your budget and your precise needs.

One that allowed you know exactly what you need to do next and why?

One  that provided rational and practical steps necessary to grow your  business so you could remain focused on what’s most important and  actually enjoy running your business again!

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